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Should Blinds Match Your Wall Colour? Top Design Tips

One of the biggest challenges people face when installing blinds is finding that perfect colour or fabric. If you’re considering blinds, you might find yourself wondering how to match them with surrounding walls or furnishings.

While your blinds don’t need to match your wall colour exactly, there are stylistic factors you should consider.


Here at Tweed Coast Security & Blinds, we have put together our top design tips guaranteed to help you create the perfect space.


Identify Your Personal Style

Once you know the style you’re after, your choices of blind colours and materials become a lot easier. Researching online or browsing design magazines can help you settle on the perfect look for your space.


Matching Your Blinds To Your Space

While you can certainly match your blinds to your wall colour, you do have other options!


Blinds that complement window trims or moulding create a classic look. They’ll also allow you to accentuate whatever design feature you want, as they encourage your window trim or moulding to simply fade into the background.


Matching your blinds to your wall colour creates a seamless, unified feel. If you’re wanting to lighten up your blinds, choosing a colour a few tones lighter than your walls can help.


You can even match your blinds to your flooring, cabinets, cushions, chairs, or rugs! This colour choice allows for consistency within your space. You could even create a statement by choosing a blind fabric that’s a different shade or tone in the same colour scheme as your fixtures.


If you have existing blinds, matching your new blinds to them can create a unified feel. This can also enhance your curbside appeal – if your house has a symmetrical façade, using matching blinds on all windows facing the street can create the classic, neat look you’ve been dreaming of.


Choose Contrasting Colours

Sometimes, a vibrant pop of colour is all you need to liven up or complete a space. If your walls have fairly neutral tones, a dash of contrast can transform your space into something modern and exciting.


Consider Your Material

The material used to make your blinds will impact your colour choices. Fabric will give you the option of mixing and matching colours and styles.


If you select timber or natural fibres, their neutral tones will work perfectly regardless of your existing colour scheme – though warmer tones of surrounding walls work best.


Use Fabric Samples

As all colours have warm and cool undertones, using fabric samples to match your chosen blinds to your walls, especially in different light settings, will help you be sure you’ve made a good choice.


Choose Tweed Coast Security & Blinds To Create The Perfect Space

When you’re looking for quality window coverings to complete your home, look no further than Tweed Coast Security & Blinds.


We stock and install a wide range of stylish, durable options you’re bound to love, and our friendly and experienced team is on hand to provide honest, knowledgeable decorating advice.


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