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How To Choose The Best Indoor Blinds

It is very easy to fall in love with a window treatment you have seen in a magazine, or on your favorite renovation show, but will it suit your home’s look and feel?


Choosing an indoor blind that will meet your privacy, safety, climate, and style needs needn’t be tricky if you know the vast and varied products currently on the market.  Here at Tweed Coast Security & Blinds, we can assist you to create the right mood, with both stylish, yet functional blinds.


Things To Consider When Choosing Your Indoor Blinds. 


This is a great starting point because your home should reflect your personality and individual taste. Love the coastal vibe? White, wide-slat venetians are an affordable alternative to costly plantation shutters.



It’s important to match your style with practical needs. For areas that draw in a lot of sunshine, opt for a reflective backing. For wet areas, moisture-resistant materials like PVC or aluminum are your best bet.


Window Logistics

How does the window or door open? Do you need quick and easy access to a sliding door? Choose blinds that are functional in your space. Light or dark?


Light or dark?

If you want to welcome in the light to enliven a living space a Venetian blind is great at allowing in the rays, then simply shutting them out with a simple flick of the cord or wand. For bedrooms, heavy fabric block-out blinds are great for getting uninterrupted sleep.


Different Types Of Indoor Blinds


Roller blinds

Roller blinds are definitely an Australian favorite and a real hit with our Tweed Coast customers. Their popularity stems from being a simple and effective product that doesn’t break the bank. They are a versatile type of blind, allowing you to operate with either a chain, a spring mechanism or there are even motorised capabilities.


Once you’ve carefully chosen your operating function, there are so many materials to choose from. The range of fabric transparency starts with a gentle sunshade, to a light filtering fabric through to a proper block out material. The roller blind is a smart blind option that will suit every budget, need, and style.


Roman blinds

Roman Blinds are made with soft fabrics that create the same luxurious air as curtains while offering the modern functionality of blinds. Once you have your heart set on this style of blind, choose from a wide selection of fabrics including room-darkening, translucent, and sunscreen fabrics. Roman Blinds are also a great way to help insulate your home.


Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds offer privacy with a modern streamlined look. The slats are easily maneuvered to let the light into varying degrees or shut it out completely for a good night’s sleep. Venetian blinds come in varying slat widths to suit your home’s style. The only tough decision when contemplating Venetian blinds is what material to choose.


These blinds are made in timber, or timber-look, and aluminum. The timber or timber-look Venetians are great at creating a warm, inviting feel in your home as they bring in that natural element. Opt for a white aluminum style to replicate a Hamptons vibe.


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