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Benefits of Motorisation Blinds – Tweed Coast

Here at Tweed Coast Security & Blinds, we are finding motorised blinds are growing in popularity on the Tweed Coast. In recent times, they’ve become more affordable as well as more intuitive.


There are plenty of advantages to having motorised blinds installed in your home over traditional blinds that use cords, here, we look at the benefits of the motorisation of blinds.


Unparalleled Convenience

One of the biggest benefits that motorised blinds offer is convenience. By simply touching a button you can move your blinds to whatever position suits you.  You can also fit motorised blinds with timers or sensors so that they operate automatically, even when you’re not at home.


Added to that, if you have windows that are particularly high up or difficult to reach, motorised blinds are your ideal solution.


Smart homes are also becoming increasingly popular. Your motorised blinds can easily be integrated with your smart home system and then controlled from your smartphone wherever you are. If you’re away from home but want to put your blinds down, it couldn’t be easier to make it happen.


Better Energy Efficiency

Motorised blinds give you better control over how much light and heat gets into your space. They’re useful for reducing heat loss in the winter but also for keeping your home cool during warm months.


Motorised blinds can react automatically to changes in light and temperature, meaning you can save on the energy you use as well as the cost of your energy bills.


Improved Safety


If you have children or pets, the cords from traditional blinds can present a safety hazard. This isn’t an issue with motorised blinds because the cords are removed altogether. That’s not the only safety benefit of motorised blinds – if your blinds are set to open or close at specific times it hides the fact that the house is empty. This can be a major deterrent for would-be burglars.


A Longer Lifespan


Manually operating your blinds will naturally cause wear and tear over time, particularly if excessive force is used. This isn’t an issue with motorised blinds. The controlled operation of this type of blinds means they work well for longer, giving you greater value for money.


Quiet Sophistication


Motorised blinds are quiet and discreet. They allow you to create the ideal ambience at home at the touch of a button, and this makes them a quieter and more discreet option than traditional blinds that use cords. If you’re aiming to create more of an atmosphere in your home, motorised blinds are a great way to do so.


Benefits of Motorisation for your Blinds 


It’s clear that motorised blinds are a fantastic asset that brings numerous advantages to your home. If you want to upgrade your window coverings and really get the most out of them, Tweed Coast Security & Blinds can help you with high-quality Somfy motorised blinds.


We have a showroom in Cabarita and serve customers throughout the Tweed Coast.


Call us 02 6676 3522 to arrange an in-home consultation and to find out more.

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