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5 Things to Look for in a Quality Security Screen

Security screen doors are a crucial addition to any home. As well as protecting your family and belongings, they ensure nasty insects can’t sneak in. Most importantly, it’s a visual deterrent, making your home less attractive to criminals. However, not all security screens provide adequate protection.


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To make the decision easier, here are five key indicators of a quality security screen.


1. Meets Australian Standards

When looking for a security door, remember, they are not all the same. Always look for security screens that conform to Australian standards. If not, the product may merely be an expensive flyscreen. For instance, screens with diamond grilles do not comply with any standards. The product is a real security door if it meets Australian Standard AS5039-2008.

There are various tests that judge the screen’s resistance to forced entry. To meet Australian standards, these must be passed. They include:


•           Dynamic impact test
•           Knife shear test
•           Salt spray test
•           Pull test
•           Probe test, and;
•           Anti-jemmy test


To comply with Australian Standard AS5040, your screen must be installed by a qualified technician.


2. Made from Quality Materials

When evaluating your choices, these are some key features your security screen should include:

A three-point lock system. This distributes the impact of an intrusion evenly and prevents the screen from being pulled off.
At least three recessed hinges. This ensures the pins are not easily removed.

It must be sturdily affixed to the door and comply with relevant Australian standards.


To ensure the screen cannot be dislodged, we recommend it is welded or wedged.
The frame should be made of corrosion-resistant aluminum or steel.

Its corners should be reinforced and the receiver channel should be deep enough to prevent the screen from being easily removed from its frame.
It should be easily visible, durable, and provide maximum security.


3. Correct Dimensions

This is absolutely vital. The specifications of your chosen security screen must meet the allotted space. If it doesn’t meet your home’s dimensions, you risk force-fitting or gaps. This can result in greatly reduced functionality. And, as it’s a major investment, it’s imperative to get the measurements exact.


4. Emergency Exit

Although it is an uncomfortable thought, emergencies can occur. In the event of a hazardous situation, it is vital to have an exit plan. A high-quality security screen will provide protection from intruders. However, they also add another obstacle, making a quick exit more difficult. Ensure you keep this in mind when deciding whether to purchase security screens. For an easy escape, identify doors or windows which don’t have screens.


5.  Installed by a Qualified Technician

DIY home repair projects are rapidly increasing in popularity. However, we advise that you do not attempt to install security screens yourself. The main reason being, if not installed correctly, your screen will prove to be useless. Most importantly, to comply with Australian standards, it must be installed by a licenced professional. This way, you are guaranteed peak performance. And, you can rest assured that your security screen will withstand even the toughest of conditions.

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