Luxaflex Soft Shades

Duette® Shades

DUETTE® Shades provide the ultimate in versatile light control, privacy and style to any room. Produced from a spun bonded polyester honeycomb structured fabric, Duette Shades are an efficient window insulator, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer, saving on your energy costs.

Attractive and contemporary, Duette Shades are available in a range of colours and fabric styles to soften the light and bring warmth to any room. LUXAFLEX® Duette Shades are at the forefront of innovative design, offering the ideal balance between function and energy efficiency together with versatility and style. Available in different fabric translucencies, colours and operating systems, Duette Shades keep you warm in winter and cool in summer providing a perfect, beautiful window covering solution for your home. Produced from an anti-static spun bonded polyester fabric, they are dust resistant and easy to clean. Due to their honeycomb structure, Duette Shades are an efficient insulator saving on your energy costs.

Luminette® Shades

A visually striking alternative to sheer curtains. LUXAFLEX® LUMINETTE® Privacy Sheers offer a softly filtered view providing privacy with easily controlled tilting vanes. The luxurious look of soft curtains is accentuated at night when the shade is closed. Luxaflex Luminette Privacy Sheers are used to control sunlight in the most elegant manner. Luminette Privacy Sheers can be used in virtually any room and in any rectangular window or door opening. They are perfect for large doors or windows. Drawn open like curtains with the use of a cord loop, the sheers can be drawn closed and the fabric vanes can be rotated like blinds, with the simple twist of the wand. Luminette Privacy Sheers now feature a new Travelling Wand Operating System (designed for child safety) allowing you the perfect blend of curtains and blinds from a single control.

Pirouette® Shades

LUXAFLEX PIROUETTE® Shadings combine the style of a soft window covering with the ability to control light and privacy in an entirely unique new way. Designed to completely colour co-ordinate with the headrail and bottomrail providing functionality, style and versatility to complement the interior fashion of any room. With a gentle pull of the operating cord, you now have precise control of the light and view you choose to let in, or block out. With two distinctly diverse fabric ranges and a palette of charming and modern colours, Pirouette Shadings transform from contoured folds to opened vanes for functional versatility and contemporary styling. Pirouette Shadings provide the perfect finishing touch to any home.

Silhouette® Shades

LUXAFLEX® SILHOUETTE® combine the beautiful characteristics of curtains, shades and blinds in a stunning design like no other. Silhouette Shadings can be opened for a full, soft focus view, closed for privacy or tilted for light control. Made from 100% anti-static, dust resistant polyester, Silhouette Shadings are durable and easy to clean. Daylight efficiency is maximised by diffusing and dispersing sunlight throughout the room, which enables lights to be turned off and energy preserved. Operating systems like PowerRise and ULTRAGLIDE® Lifting Systems enhance child safety and ease of use. Silhouette Shadings are a patented design exclusive to Luxaflex that offer a huge range of colours in both room darkening and translucent fabrics in two vane sizes, 50mm and 75mm. Silhouette Shadings Fabric can block UV rays, protecting your interior furnishings from direct sunlight. You can also coordinate the colour of your shading with Luminette Privacy Sheers for a consistent look throughout your home.

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DUETTE® Shades provide the ultimate in versatile light control, privacy and style to any room. Produced from a spun bonded polyester honeycomb structured fabric,